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Monday, October 30, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

help, i'm out of yarn!
the sweater i'm making for my mother is missing a sleeve.
i guess this is what i deserve for using vintage yarn from the thrift store to make a sweater. but i swear, it was more than enough when i started!
it's brunswick worsted wool in bright navy. i'm desperate for any amount of this yarn, but one skein would be heavenly. dye lot doesn't seem to matter at this point.
please let me know if you know where i could find some more!

i've finished some quick projects this past week and started some new ones. my new kick is heart shaped dishcloths. i'm not sure why i started making these, but now i can't stop. they're fast and fun to give away. and a great project for bringing along on boat adventures since there's not a lot of thinking involved. i will post the pattern once i write it down.
my knit.1 cable sweater vest is finished too, but i don't have a good photograph to post yet. i blocked it and the wool is so thick that it's taking forever to dry. the faux cable sweater got me excited about real cables, so i borrowed a cable needle from my mom and tried it out. for a pattern i'm using the border of this hat from knitty. it was exactly the simple braid i wanted, like this scarf in the urban outfitters catalogue. i'm using the leftover recycled yarn from the faux cable sweater vest. i love making cables! i'm almost ready to try making a cable sweater . . .
i also worked on one of the unfinished pairs of socks this weekend. now one out of three is finished! pictures and more details to come.
i started a new baby sweater once i found out that another friend has a baby on the way. this one is being made with washable wool from my local yarn store instead of something more interesting from the thrift store. poor sally is going to have to handwash the last one i made since i wasn't thinking about the inconvenience when i made it with an unwashable thrift store wool. oops.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my new yoga mat bag is ready for class! it will have to wait a week, though, as i'm going sailing. i'm hoping for a few days of yarn play on the chesapeake. my knit.1 sweater vest, cable knit scarf project, brother's graduation tie and brown sweater are all tagging along. how's that for overpacking?
the green yarn is the lion brand wool ease chunky that was sent accidentally instead of the yarn i was supposed to be making mittens out of for the lion brand "just gifts" book. I paired it with a similar wool/acryllic blend in the stash of yarn that gerd gave me a few weeks ago for the teal straps. The nicest part of the whole bag are the leather buttons, which came from my neighbor's amazing yard sale last spring.