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Saturday, April 21, 2007

my airy wrap sweater from fitted knits is finished! i used six balls of a mohair blend that i found at saver's called Melody which was made by a company named Bucilla. i've never heard of Bucilla and i can't find anything about it online except for a few balls for sale on ebay, but the label looks like it probably was made in the 1970's? Luckily the yarn was the correct gauge and I ended up having just enough to make this sweater.
the only modification i made was to end the front wrap parts about ten inches shorter than suggested in the pattern. when i wrap them around myself they stretch. they have already grown enough in length from one day of wearing this sweater for me to see that if i had made them any longer they would be hanging at my knees.
i love this book! i want to knit everything in it. next i am going to work on the short sleeved cardigan with ribbing (but i bought enough yarn to make it long sleeved just in case). i found moda dea cache at ocean state job lot for $1 a ball and despite being sparkly i love the colors (after swatching i chose the blue).
i can't complain that the weather is finally in the seventies but that means it's time to start knitting warm weather garments; this cardigan will probably have to wait until the fall.


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