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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the size of the tag "knitting" has surpassed the size of the tag "crochet" in my flickr profile. i think this says something about me, but i'm not exactly sure.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

while my mom is having a summer of lace, i'm having a summer of sweaters and stained glass.

i recently completed my fourth sweater from stefanie japel's book, fitted knits. these sweaters each live up to the name of the boook as flattering and easy to wear. i can see myself making almost all of the projects in this book eventually, but in the meantime i've been working on a green tea sweater from the spring 07 interweave knits.
living by the sea is difficult when you're a couple of packrats. the open spaces of my house and deck are filling up with all sorts of things that wash up on the beach. as the jeweler i tend to come home from a walk with a sack of tiny treasures, while greg usually brings back one inappropriately large object that is either heavy or awkward and makes for an interesting rest-of-the-walk home with it.
my theory is if i'm creative with the things that i collect then i can continue to bring them home.

when i finish it, this window will hang in our dining room where it will gracefully ward off hurricanes much like the ones which created these shards.