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Saturday, April 21, 2007

finished fishnets!

knit with thrifted wool called mona made by spinnerin. it took two 2oz balls.
the pattern came from the love issue of knit.1 magazine, but instead of doing the zig zag lace called for by the pattern i had the stitches spiral up each leg which i think looks way more interesting. i sewed some elastic into the ribbing at the top of these socks so that they're held up just above my knees and i wore them on thursday i had no problem keeping them up.
the basic toe up pattern of these socks inspired me to start knitting all of my socks toe up, which i intend to continue doing from now on.
there are two balls of the white wool from these fishnets left, should i dye more self striping socks?

my airy wrap sweater from fitted knits is finished! i used six balls of a mohair blend that i found at saver's called Melody which was made by a company named Bucilla. i've never heard of Bucilla and i can't find anything about it online except for a few balls for sale on ebay, but the label looks like it probably was made in the 1970's? Luckily the yarn was the correct gauge and I ended up having just enough to make this sweater.
the only modification i made was to end the front wrap parts about ten inches shorter than suggested in the pattern. when i wrap them around myself they stretch. they have already grown enough in length from one day of wearing this sweater for me to see that if i had made them any longer they would be hanging at my knees.
i love this book! i want to knit everything in it. next i am going to work on the short sleeved cardigan with ribbing (but i bought enough yarn to make it long sleeved just in case). i found moda dea cache at ocean state job lot for $1 a ball and despite being sparkly i love the colors (after swatching i chose the blue).
i can't complain that the weather is finally in the seventies but that means it's time to start knitting warm weather garments; this cardigan will probably have to wait until the fall.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

here's what i've been doing for the past month - knitting socks!
these i knit with artyarn from a store in providence that went out of business:

they were knit toe up with size four dpns and i think the purling shows off the colors really well. when i look at them i'm reminded of knitting at home with my mom during a snowstorm while our men were out of town. i love these socks so much that i went back and bought the yarn for another pair of socks:

this grey and green merino was all they had left. i wouldn't have chosen it if there was something brighter there but i quite like the colors. these were knit toe up on size 3 dpns and the pattern is my own but was inspired by a pair of socks i admired on flickr.
after finding all sorts of tutorials online i decided to try dyeing my own self striping socks. the yarn is knitpicks sock yarn and the colors are from cherry, grape and ice blue lemonade kool aid. even though eunny's tutorial suggested knitting a swatch and measuring to create stripes of the perfect thickness, i'm not the measuring kind of girl. i realized that no matter how much i measure, my hank was not going to be longer than the distance from one end of my house to the other. so of course i winged it.

the other socks i'm working on are the fishnet stockings from the spring 07 issue of knit.1 magazine:

the yarn is swiss wool from saver's and i'm using dpns in size 3 and 6. the stitches are supposed to zig zag, but i modified the pattern so that one spirals up my leg to the right and the other spirals up to the left.
i actually started these before any of the finished socks above them (they're what inspired all the other toe up knitting that i've been doing). they would be done if i could just get myself to focus on one project but obviously that's pretty much impossible for me.
oma made these socks for me for easter:

i love them! when i was at her house a couple of weeks ago i was going through her scraps of sock yarn and arranging them into piles of colors that i thought would make good socks. she said that the solid colors should be mixed with the striped ones, but i loved the combination of pink, grey and yellow. she remembered that i liked them and made them for me for easter! and they're way cooler than i could ever have imagined. i'm a lucky girl.