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Sunday, December 30, 2007

as 2007 comes to a close i think back to my accomplishments of the past year. clearly i am not much of a blogger, but here is my excuse: i have been doing a lot of knitting this year.
my most exciting knits are definitely all of my new sweaters. this is mostly because i bought the book "fitted knits" by stefanie japel. seven out of sixteen of these sweaters are her designs!

my other favorite thing to knit this year was socks. i pretty much always had a pair of socks tucked into my bag to work on in any spare moment. the great thing about socks is that they're portable. most of these socks are toe up. four of them are even knit with self striping yarn that i dyed myself.

i also knit a bunch of scarves this year. i realized last january that most of my scarves were hot pink (which, of course, i love, but how many hot pink scarves does a girl need?) so this year i diversified my collection a bit. and i'm so glad i did because now that we've moved to a big loft downtown with drafty windows i find myself wearing something around my neck everyday at work.

my smallest group of knits this year was hats. i just was not that interested in knitting hats this year. of the four shown, only the green cabled hat was a regular, everyday hat for me (i'm not counting the hallowig since it was for my halloween costume, and the other two hats were for other people). perhaps 2008 will be a year of hat knitting for me?

there are some other finished knits that aren't shown. i knit some lingerie and a few headbands as well as a pouch and a few other random things that wouldn't fit together in a mosaic. i really hardly crocheted this year at all, which is kind of sad considering how big a part of my life crocheting was in 2006. i have started doing a lot of stained glass lately, and i'm in the process of a few sewing projects as well. i don't know what is in store for us in 2008, but hopefully the year will be full of crafts and crafty get-togethers. happy new year!


Blogger Gina said...

Hi Yoel said I might be able to ask you for the pattern for the mary jane baby booties. They are so cute! Do you know where I can get the pattern, I'm a new knitter and I would like to tackle these :)

7:45 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

Oops, not sure if that one had my email, this one should.

7:45 PM  

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