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Saturday, April 21, 2007

finished fishnets!

knit with thrifted wool called mona made by spinnerin. it took two 2oz balls.
the pattern came from the love issue of knit.1 magazine, but instead of doing the zig zag lace called for by the pattern i had the stitches spiral up each leg which i think looks way more interesting. i sewed some elastic into the ribbing at the top of these socks so that they're held up just above my knees and i wore them on thursday i had no problem keeping them up.
the basic toe up pattern of these socks inspired me to start knitting all of my socks toe up, which i intend to continue doing from now on.
there are two balls of the white wool from these fishnets left, should i dye more self striping socks?


Blogger cindy said...

Hi Katie.....I'm glad I found your blog!! It was so much fun seeing you and your parents Saturday. Your fishnet stocking are great fun. I look forward to seeing more of your knitting.

10:01 AM  

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