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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

mom and i went to the boston knit out. we taught crocheting / knitting for awhile and then wandered around through the tents touching yarn and collecting ideas and information about our respective crafts. i ended up coming home with an issue of knit.1 magazine. although i'm not generally interested in knitting, i'm excited about the sweater vest on the cover of this month's issue - maybe even excited enough to actually try knitting one myself.

so yesterday when i went to the thrift store to see if (by chance) they had any of the blue wool that i'm running out of for mom's adult sized baby sweater. and of course there wasn't any of that. but i did stock up on tapestry wool and find the perfect sweater to unravel for the knit.1 vest! so last night i watched some episodes of the sopranos from netflix and unraveled this enourmous wool sweater. it is my first successful unraveling project, and it was really a lot of fun. i think it is really helpful to rip out a chunky sweater first; it helped me realize how i will do it on smaller sweaters (i have a collection of them waiting to be reused). it's hard to tell from the picture, but these balls of yarn are HUGE - the biggest one is about eight inches in diameter.
so far my gauge swatch is coming out too big, so i might have to raid my mom's knitting needle stash before stitch and bitch on thursday in order to be able to make this in the right size.

i just stumbled upon this plaid felted tote. it's so cute! i love the idea of crocheting and felting plaid. . . as something to think about in the future.
in the meantime i should really finish some of the projects that i've already started - they're really starting to stack up!


Anonymous Mamallama said...

Ooo, cool bag!

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