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Saturday, August 19, 2006

i shocked myself (and my mom) by knitting throughout my entire trip to texas. on my way out the door to go to the airport i shoved one of my unfinished sock projects into my bag and even though i also brought two crochet projects (you can never pack too many projects!) i didn't pick either of them up once.
this strange behaviour provoked me to go through my unfinished projects. maybe if i post them on here i will actually finish a few things before i start some new ones. (although probably not). stay tuned for that. for now i've only posted a picture of ian's graduation necktie, which is one of the things i didn't crochet in dallas.
after a few days in a strange, hot city, i'm happy to be home and hanging out with my yarn stash for a little while. it has some new additions; i stopped at the thrift store earlier today (i'm addicted!) today's bounty was amazing, another large 100g ball of brown wool, four balls of swiss white sock yarn (which i think i will put aside for when i know how to knit lacy kneesocks) and five bags of tapestry wool assorted by color (red/pink/purple, orange/yellow, green, blue, white/brown/black). it will be really great for reinforcing sock heels or using bits and pieces for embroidering onto my sweaters. i'm also thinking it would be neat to mix all of the colors together in one big project, but that idea needs some more thought before i can go at it. plus, there are a million things ahead of that in line to be crocheted!


Blogger Bethro said...

Holy God, Katie!

Weird. I had no idea of your blogger existence, although I did briefly see your published crochet piece of which I have since forgotten the location. Which is why I know it's you (same picture).

9:03 PM  

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