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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i can't tell you yet what i have been working on most recently, but i can show you pictures of some other things that i've been doing. the weather was perfect last weekend. it was sunny but cool (for august in rhode island). i sat on the deck where i played with lily, who i was dogsitting, and darned some of the boy's sweaters. i'm not sure how he gets the huge elbow holes, but i know that he likes them there. and that is why i get great satisfaction out of mending them.
i have already posted what might seem like a million pictures of the icelandic baby sweater, but here is another. it is finially finished, and i mean really finished, like including the buttons finished. marianne found me these little flowers which are perfect. the baby shower is this weekend. it still needs to be put in a box and wrapped in paper and ribbon to be presented.
i also made a hat. i really wanted it to be onion shaped, but it ended up being regular hat shaped but with a large nipple on top. i'm not kidding. i was accused of crocheting a pasty many times in the process of making it.
it's crocheted out of brown worsted wool that my neighbor katherine gave me last summer. she had intended to make a reindeer sweater out of it a long time ago (i have no idea what that is, but i'm sure if i found it in the thrift store i would buy it!) but i'm glad that she didn't ever make said reindeer sweater because i have made a sweater, a skirt, and now this hat out of it (and there are still four huge skeins left!). the brown is striped with some wool that i got from theresa from stitch and bitch. she dyed the wool herself and spun it into this gorgeous yarn.
tomorrow i leave for a short business trip adventure to the lone star state. i'm not packed yet, but even more importantly i haven't figured out my in flight crochet project. so much yarn is waiting to be played with, but nothing is at the point where i know i can spend the next two days working on it. eek!


Anonymous melissa said...

I LOVE that icelandic baby sweater.
It's just beautiful!

12:36 AM  

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