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Saturday, July 22, 2006

my first post!
i have been obsessively crocheting the icelandic baby jacket from the book "adorable crochet for babies and toddlers". i need to have it finished for the 19th of august when i go to the baby shower. baby una is due at the beginning of september. (okay, i admit that i have plenty of time, but why not get it out of the way early?)
i'm really excited about how the colors have turned out. I ripped it out at one point and removed some very un-baby colors, and now i love it. although if it doesn't end up being a girl baby then my sweater will be a little less exciting for everyone.
the white yarn is italian wool from the salvation army; i found a huge bag of it there for six dollars (i've also made the draped bed jacket out of it which i would include a link to if i knew how to do that!) and the pink and blue and green yarns are all tapestry needlepoint yarns from the savers (i can't pass up even small amounts of nice wool for cheap, and being able to use them in this sweater makes me glad that i have them!)
of course i am changing the pattern a little bit, but the format is inspiring me to make my own "icelandic" crocheted yoke sweater next in my own size with one of my new yarn purchases. It seems like it would be a fun pattern to write.
It's pretty seldom that i buy new yarn (as in "from the yarn store" new as opposed to "at the thrift store where it is only new to me" new.) The Yarn Gazebo in Smithfield is going out of business and she's having a 50% off sale. I don't really feel guilty going crazy on yarn there since it is discounted. I have money coming to me for some recent crochet projects and more opportunities await for paid crochet in the future. besides, isn't yarn what money is for?


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