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Friday, August 04, 2006

my "short and sweet" from debbie stoller's "happy hooker" crochet book is finished! well, almost finished. it still needs buttons. yes, i made it longer than the pattern called for and added buttonholes! so it's more like a low v-neck sweater than a bolero because i'm sick of boleros. i haven't taken a picture of it finished yet (or actually sewn on the buttons to be able to take a picture of it finished) but i have been carrying around this movie from netflix for weeks and it seems like a good occasion to pop it in and make myself do the buttons for both the short and sweet and the baby sweater. . .and then if i'm really productive i'll finish writing the pattern for my fall crochet me submission! (hey, it's possible!)
hey, that might just have been my longest run on sentence ever!


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