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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I have so many ideas for projects that i want to start! I really need to finish the baby sweater so that I can get working on other things.
I just found a really interesting website. since i'm always inspired by different uses for crochet, i am tickled by these designs: http://www.siriusspace.com/clothing2.html. Siri crochets chunky lace collars and accents for handmade clothing which definitely strike my fancy.
while browsing crocheted items on flickr last night i came across this image of crocheted trims in the "inspiring images from craft books" group.
they're excitingly vintage and different and would make lovely accents. Then I found an image of empire waisted dresses from a Japanese craft book, and a new idea was born! I want to take some skirts that I don't wear anymore and crochet them into empire waisted nighties. I've been on the prowl for cute little lingerie dresses and what's at the thrift store has been pretty depressing. I can't believe I hadn't thought earlier about creating my own!
Now I am having one of those moments where even though I have three projects in progress (okay, maybe it's more like thirteen) and three projects on deck, I want to start working on my crocheted lingerie immediately.
Speaking of lingerie, This village in poland is known for amazing thread crochet doilies and has recently started branching out into the business of sexy underthings. this site has an amazing gallery of panties, tees and bathing suits crocheted by hand from cotton thread. They are lacy, delitcate and beautiful. (although, what's up with the image of the model in an amazing sexy crocheted lacy outfit with a belly pack? aside from the fact that it is _so_ unsexy, what could she possibly need to carry around while she's wearing her underwear? is she out on the town wearing her skivvies and needs someplace to carry her wallet and keys?) The website is http://koniakow.com/galerie_koni_art.php
How can I find an entire village of little old ladies to start crocheting my ideas?


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