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Saturday, September 02, 2006

it's the perfect weekend for drinking tea and crocheting wool sweaters. it seems like i spent most of this summer sitting indoors watching rain fall into choppy seas. the weather is supposed to improve by tomorrow, which it'd better since we're planning to sail to cuttyhunk.
i finished a sweater last night, but i'm not sure if i should post a picture of it since i'm hoping to publish the pattern somewhere. it's difficult to be patient because i'm truly excited to show it off. i've since started another sweater, this one an adult sized version of the baby sweater that i recently finished.
there is a new interweave crochet magazine out! i would own it already, but when i called a local yarn store to make sure they had it before driving there, the woman who answered the phone said she "didn't know" and was busy and suggested i call back. which i didn't. if i haven't done any of the projects from my other issues of crochet magazines (except for one and i'm not sure that even counts because i had to make up my own pattern for the part which requires knitting) should i really buy another one? I like to draw my inspiration from the colors and textures of the random skeins and bits of yarn that i find at the thrift store. having to use small amounts of yarn makes for interesting combinations of things that i could never dream up while staring at shelves of new yarn in a yarn store. it's fun to create something from vintage wool which is entirely original.
i do enjoy reading the other odds and ends of information and ads that fill the pages of crochet magazines. hopefully i can make it out of the store without buying any more yarn . . .


Blogger Sheila said...

Absolutely love the baby sweater... and I must go in search of the Interweave mag... I like the Cinnabar Coat.

8:55 PM  

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