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Thursday, September 28, 2006

all of the exciting projects i'm in the middle of have become too big to lug around! i'm working on a yoga mat tote. the green is the random yarn that lion brand sent me instead of what i was supposed to be making mittens out of for the "just gifts" book. the teal yarn was given to me by gerd at harry's birthday party last weekend (in one of three huge bags of yarny goodness she was shedding herself of. now that it is almost finished i wish that i had made it out of wool, it would have been really neat felted. but it was a good way to get rid of some 80% acryllic yarn that i wouldn't make a sweater out of. what's left is to sew the strap onto the bag and attach the leather buttons. this needs to be done by wednesday when i'll need to bring it to class.
yesterday i started knitting this chunky cable vest. i thought it would be a good portable project but i underestimated the extreme bulkyness of the yarn. this sweater is going to end up making me look fat and pregnant due to the heft of the yarn and the unfortunate position of the cable, but i'm enjoying the simplicity of the pattern regardless. it will be cute layered over a grey long sleeved tee shirt with jeans whether or not it's flattering. and it will definitely be warm!
my adult sized baby sweater is coming along. it, too, has gotten way too big to stuff into my bag. the downside to buying a bag of wool at the salvation army is that it's very difficult to buy more when you run out. i'm down to a couple tiny ends of yarn balls and will probably have to take apart a couple rows of the body of the sweater to be able to finish the other sleeve. though mom pointed out you have to be more creative when things don't go as you had planned, which usually makes things more interesting in the long run. when she tried it on on saturday it seemed like a perfect fit, so at least i don't have to worry about that!


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